NCSI provides a unique and affordable Access to Nursing Preparatory Course for those who wish to train or work as Nurses or Health Care Assistants in their own country or anywhere in the world including the United Kingdom. 

We have helped thousands of potential Nurses around the world to gain entry into Nursing training or gain better insight into the world of Nursing by offering our comprehensive courses.

Nursing as a career requires a high level of caring and intellectual skill. Nurses are "thinking practitioners" who can base their practice on a sound knowledge of psychology, sociology, physiology and anatomy.

Our new affordable Access to Nursing Preparatory Course is now available with free Consultancy Pack (worth £250 - please click here for more info) which will not only facilitate your entry into Nursing training and guide you through the complex maze of nursing application procedure but also enhance your chances of being successful at passing the formal interview. The free Consultancy Pack also includes advice on immigration matters.

The Access to Nursing Preparatory Course is designed as programme of preparatory study to enter Nursing Training in the United Kingdom and anywhere in the world. Students undertaking this course can also apply for training positions in General Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, Learning Disability Nursing and Childrens' Nursing.

Our unique Access to Nursing Preparatory Course will enhance your chances of being accepted for nursing training in the UK or anywhere in the world. Or if you do not have the statutory academic requirements you will be eligible to sit for the Entrance Test/apply for nursing training. It will also give you an overview of what Nursing entails.


Our new fee structure is very affordable. You have made suggestions and we have listened!

We are now offering this unique service for the following reasons:

1. Cost of Postage worldwide has tripled througout the years and has become a burden to clients to pay.

2. Postage has been known to have got lost, mislaid or missing during transit.

3. Royal Mail (UK) are no longer able to post to PO BOX addresses abroad.

4. Packages take more than four weeks to reach their respective destination.

5. Wasting a lot of valuable time regarding the above whereas Ebooks are available instantly.

This course will give you a complete overview of what Nursing and Nursing training is about. We have been receiving enquiries from non-clients telling us that they have unsuccessful at formal interviews and how we can help them - hence our improved Access to Nursing Course.

1. The course also caters for prospective Health Care Assistants who wish to work as Nursing Assistants in their own country or abroad. It will also benefit Nursing Assistants who are already working seeking promotion or apply for formal nursing training.

2. The course will also benefit Student Nurses/Midwives who are currently in training as it encompasses all the modules of Nursing/Midwifery.

3. Our Access to Nursing Preparatory Course comes in three parts: Pre-Nursing Course, Preparatory Care Skills Course and Access to Nursing Course. Each course costs £30 or if you purchase all three courses the cost is only £70 (a savings of £20).


4. The complete Access to Nursing Preparatory Course Pack now comes with free Consultancy Pack (worth £250 - please click here for more info).